找 Soft & Share 推廣你的產品與活動

透過 Soft & Share 網站來推廣以下資訊 You can promote

  • 介紹您的產品服務 ( Web 服務/軟硬體產品 … ) Introduce your products/service
  • 推廣您的 Side project : 找初期使用者驗證創業想法 Promote MVP/Open Source to test market
  • 刊登求才資訊 Talents recruitment
  • 找創業合作夥伴 Get affiliate partners
  • 行銷線上課程 電子書或軟體 Promote online courses, books or software
  • 推廣線上/線下活動 Promote online/offline activities
  • 其它 ….. Other

如果您有以上需求,歡迎使用 Soft & Share 加值服務


✅  在 Soft & Share 的所有固定出現的區塊中自動嵌入橫幅廣告

Embedded Advertising in the following area of each keyword articles

如上圖標的紅框區置入您個廣告,可以是文字連結也可用橫幅 Banner

  • 一次出現在 Soft & Share 的各種文章中 7 天,本位除了您的廣告不會有別的資訊( Your Ad only, no other content in this block. )
  • 圖文由廣告主提供 ( Marketing material provided by you. )

價位( Price ):以 7 天 (7 days based)為單位計算,目前價位 NT12000 (原價 NT15000,未來有可能因內容增多視情況加價) If paid by Paypal, the price is USD400 for 7 days.

✅  利用 Soft & Share 的社群曝光

Expose on Soft & Share Community Channels

基本曝光社群Soft & Share 特價課程與學習資訊分享 貼文和 軟體開發資訊分享 貼文 + 即時動態兩次[第一次消失後再貼第二次] (Basic locations to expose your ad are Soft & Share Courses and Learning Information at Special Price 1 Post 和 Software Development Learning Information 1 Post + 2 Live Feed [The second feed will be post after the first disappears] )

可另外加其他社群,請參考 Soft & Share 社群,加其他社群會稍加一點價格。有需要請告知。我們可以討論。( You can add some other communities to expose. Please refer to the Soft & Share community channels. A little more $ will be added for additional channels. If you have the demand, please inform. We can discuss for your demand.)

  • 貼文內容與連結由您提供。 ( The post content and link pages are offered by you. )
  • 貼文後不會手動刪除。( The posts will not be deleted by us. )

價位( Price ):一次基本曝光社群貼文( Basic Post )價位 NT12000 ( If paid by Paypal, the price is USD400 )

✅  Translation for the above Marketing Service

If you need translation from English to Chinese for our marketing service, welcome to inform. We will be happy to discuss with you.

意者請填寫以下表單,我們審核內容後會與貴公司聯絡 Welcome to contact by filling the form.

🌳如果您目前沒有這項加值服務需求,也歡迎將這個資訊幫我們分享給有需要的朋友或是公司行銷部門 Your sharing will be very appreciated.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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