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Angela Yu 的教學片段


Angela Yu 開發人員兼首席講師

Angela 是一名對教學充滿熱情的開發人員。 她是倫敦領先的程式設計訓練營 London App Brewery 的首席講師,已經幫助成千上萬的學生學習程式設計並通過成為一名開發人員來改變他們的生活。 Twitter、Facebook 和 Google 等公司邀請 Angela 教他們的員工。

她第一次涉足程式設計是在我 12 歲的時候,當時她想構建自己的 Space Invader 遊戲。 從那時起,她製作了數百個網站、應用程式和遊戲。 但最重要的是,Angela 意識到她最大的熱情是教學。

她大部分時間都在研究如何讓學習程式設計變得有趣,並使難懂的概念更容易理解。她將發現的一切都應用到她的訓練營課程中。 在她的課程中,你會發現很多極客的幽默,還有很多解釋和動畫,以確保一切都很容易理解。



Python、Web 開發、iOS、Swift、Flutter、Dart、Kickstarter


“Angela is just incredible, awesome and just fantastic in this course. I’ve never had such an instructor; detailed in every aspect of the course, gives precise explanations, gives you the anxiety to learn etc. She’s got that ability to make fun while explaining things for better understanding. I really love this course.” – Ekeu MonkamUlrich

“Angela is very thorough without ever being boring. I’ve taken MANY online courses in my life including my Bachelors and Masters degrees. She is by far the best instructor I’ve ever had. This course is packed with thousands of dollars worth of great instruction, and paced well enough for anyone to pick coding up and run with it- Thank you!” – J Carlucci

“Love the way Angela explains things. Easy to follow and full of logic. I can say she must have spent a lot of energy creating this great course. Thank you and I recommend it to all who’s interested in coding!” – Yiqing Zheng

Angela Yu 的課程介紹 

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