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250多年來,哥倫比亞一直位於全國和世界的教育領導地位。在我們廣泛的學術探究的核心是吸引和培育最好的頭腦的承諾,追求更好的人類理解, 開拓新的發現並為社會服務。


第 1 週  課程資料


  • Suggested Readings for The Age of Sustainable Development
  • Syllabus
  • Course Overview

第 2 週  什麼是可持續的發展

Sachs 教授概述了世界面臨的挑戰,以及介紹可持續發展的主題。

  • Intro to Sustainable Development
  • Economic Growth and Progress
  • Continuing Poverty
  • Environmental Threats
  • Paths

第 3 週  經濟發展的簡短歷史

Sachs 教授從工業革命開始至現代經濟成長的現狀,講述經濟發展史。

  • Economic Development is New
  • The Industrial Revolution Starts in England
  • The Great Waves of Technological Change
  • The Diffusion of Economic Growth
  • Economic Development Since World War II

第 4 週  不相等的歷史

Sachs 教授分析了影響某些因素的各種因素的交叉作用,在某些國家有貢獻而其他國家則沒有。

  • The Idea of Clinical Economics
  • The Role of Physical Geography: Transport, Energy, Disease, and Crops
  • The Role of Culture: Demography, Education, Gender
  • The Role of Politics
  • Which Countries are Still Stuck in Poverty?

第 5 週  MDGs 與赤貧的結束

Sachs 教授概述了結束赤貧的途徑。

  • The Reasons to Believe that Extreme Poverty Can Be Ended
  • A Strategy to End Extreme Poverty in Africa
  • South Asia: The Continuing Challenge of the Food Supply
  • A Closer Look at Official Development Assistance
  • Designing Practical Interventions: The Case of Millennium Villages

第 6 週  地球邊界內的成長

Sachs 教授詳述了各種地球邊界及其對成長動力的影響。

  • The Planetary Boundaries
  • Growth Dynamics
  • Growth and Planetary Boundaries: The Case of Energy
  • Growth and Planetary Boundaries: The Case of Food
  • Growth and Planetary Boundaries: The Case of Population

第 7 週  人權與性別平等

Sachs 教授深入研究財富、貧困和不平等的道德規範以及這些道德規範擴大了不平等。

  • The Ethics of Wealth, Poverty, and Inequality
  • Major UN Covenants and Declarations
  • Divided societies
  • Forces of Widening Inequalities
  • Gender Inequality and Solutions

第 8 週  教育

Sachs 教授概述了現代教育的現狀以及需要做的事情,實現可持續的發展。

  • Life-cycle Approach to Human Development
  • Early Childhood Development
  • The Rising Returns to Education and the Supply Response
  • Social Mobility
  • The Role of Higher Education in Sustainable Development

第 9 週  普及的健康保險

Sachs 教授概述了實現 健康保險普及的挑戰和途徑。

  • The Human Right to Health
  • Poverty and Disease
  • Designing and Financing a Primary Health System in Low-Income Settings
  • Ten Recommended Steps to Health for All in the Poorest Countries
  • The Challenges of Health Coverage in High-Income Countries

第 10 週  可持續的食物供給並終結饑餓

Sachs 教授概述了糧食安全、農場系統、生態和審視如何才能實現可持續的全球糧食供應。

  • Malnutrition
  • Farm Systems, Ecology, and Food Security
  • How Environmental Change Threatens the Food System
  • How the Food System Threatens the Environment
  • Towards a sustainable global food supply

第 11 週  可持續的城市

Sachs 教授研究什麼能讓全世界城市持續發展,其城市化模式以及具復原力的途徑是什麼。

  • The patterns of urbanization around the world
  • What makes a city sustainable?
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Urban Resilience
  • Planning for Sustainable Development

第 12 週  遏止氣候變化

Sachs 教授介紹了氣候變化背後的科學,並闡述減輕和預防後果所必需的談判和政策。

  • The Basic Science of Climate Change
  • Consequences
  • Mitigation
  • Mitigation Policies
  • Policies and Global Cooperation for Climate Change

第 13 週  拯救生物多樣性

Sachs 教授回顧了對世界生態系統和生物多樣性的各種威脅。

  • What is Biodiversity?
  • Biodiversity Under Threat
  • Oceans and Fisheries
  • Deforestation
  • International Dynamics

第 14 週  可持續發展目標SDGs

Sachs 教授敘述了可持續發展目標(SDG)的歷史,並講述實現它們所必須採取的行動。

  • The proposal for SDGs at Rio+20
  • Goal Based Development
  • Financing for Sustainable Development
  • Principles of Good Governance
  • Feasibility of Sustainable Development



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