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Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner,Solutions Architect,Developer 

暢銷講師,9 次 AWS 認證,Kafka Guru 41 門課 |4.7⭐️ |180萬+學生 | 54萬8千+評價

Stephane 是一名解決方案架構師、顧問和軟體開發人員,對與大數據、雲端和 API 相關的所有事物特別感興趣。 他的 AWS 和 Apache Kafka 課程也多次成為 Udemy 的暢銷書講師。


Stéphane 被公認為 AWS 專家,並且是 AWS 認證的解決方案架構師專家和 AWS 認證的 DevOps 專家。 他喜歡教人們如何正確使用 AWS,讓他們為他們的 AWS 認證做好準備,最重要的是為現實世界做準備。

他也喜歡 Apache Kafka。 他是在紐約、倫敦和舊金山組織卡夫卡峰會的 2019 年計劃委員會成員。 他還是 Apache Kafka 社區的活躍成員,在 Medium 上撰寫部落格,並為 Confluent 撰寫客座部落格。



AWS 雲:從 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 開始,然後轉到 AWS Certified DevelopeAssociate,然後是 AWS Certified SysOps Administrator。 之後,您可以參加 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 或 AWS Certified DevOps Professional,或者您選擇的專業認證。

Apache Kafka:從 Apache Kafka for Beginners 開始,如果您是開發人員,則可以學習 ConnectStreams 和 Schema Registry,如果您是管理員,則可以學習 Setup 和 Monitoring 課程。 兩個track都需要通過 Confluent Kafka 認證。


AWS 認證、AWS 機器學習、AWS 資料分析、Apache Kafka 、React、GraphQL


“Excellent course for beginners. Helped me to learn and understand AWS solutions architect – associate contents very well. Some parts from dev and sysops course made this couse unique. I found the course metrial very useful. Andalso stephane’s English is very much understandable to me. If someone gonna take this course practice after every video end. Thanks stephane😊👍” – Elam P.

“What a Great explanation with very detail information for me as the newbie Cloud Learner. This Course is my second source after AWS APN Learning Portal. I do really enjoy and easy to understand every single topic and lab demo. I would express my thankfulness to all Instructors who created and provided this course for helping many candidates of Cloud Practitioners around the globe. Thank you from Jakarta, Indonesia. –Anton Robin S.

“This is an excellent training course for AWS Developer Associate. Stéphane covers a lot of ground, topics are discussed in a great details, which helps not only for passing your exam, but also for real world. I do not see any minor topic untouched. I am totally impressed by the way Stéphane teaches, the videos are crisp and filled with content, hence I never felt bored. Thanks to this course, I passed with good score ( 942 out of 1000) . I absolutely recommend this. Thank you Stéphane.” – Arpan R.

Stephane Maarek  的課程介紹 

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